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Courses for Scholars Students


Information for Psychology Scholars

Freshman/ first semester:  In the first semester, Psychology Scholars will take a special section of PSY 195 in the Fall semester for incoming Scholars that will include general advising and schedule planning in Psychology, but also information about a variety of opportunities in the College and University and several research presentations by Psychology Department faculty.  If you do not have AP credit for PSY 100, this should be completed during your first semester.  Do not take any other PSY courses this first semester – the Scholars courses pick up 2nd semester.

Freshman/2nd semester:  You will take a scholars section of PSY 215 or PSY 216 (you will be informed prior to preregistration for spring) and a core course as a group in the Spring semester.  In your second year, you will take a small section of PSY 216 (or 215) and two of the three remaining core courses as a cohort.  The last core choice is flexible and you can take whatever core you are interested in (not scholars section).  The Scholar core courses will emphasize primary source reading, critical thinking skills, discussion, and writing.  In addition, you will have the opportunity for multiple research and/or service experiences.  The junior and senior years for scholars will emphasize research experiences, including the opportunity for some students to receive paid summer RAs.

This is an example of a course plan for Psychology Scholars:







PSY 100 (unless already completed)

PSY 195 for Scholars (1 credit)


The PSY 195 for Scholars will involve a combination of research presentations by faculty and advising. 



PSY 215 (Methods)

PSY Core Course for Scholars

Both 215 and 216 courses will only for the students that are in the Scholars cohort.

The core courses will consist of the Scholars and will emphasize primary source reading, discussion, writing



PSY 216 (Statistics)

1 PSY Core Course for Scholars

PSY 395 

PSY 395 will be a first exposure to research.



1 core course for Scholars

1 non-scholars core (your choice)

PSY 395 

Same model for the core courses and 395.




PSY 395 

The lecture/lab will not be a cohort experience; rather, students will be free to choose any available course.



Enhanced course

PSY 395


The “enhanced course” may be another lecture/lab, or a capstone, or an advanced course in a related discipline, or any other experience approved by the coordinator of the program. 



Opportunities for Summer Research Assistantship

Various opportunities will be sought out to provide funding for students that might be interested in staying involved in research over the summer.



PSY 495 (Honors thesis) or





PSY 496 (Honors thesis)




Additional experiences:

  • Scholar students will have year-start and year-end social gatherings.
  • Throughout the year, students will be informed of relevant academic experiences (e.g., brown bags, colloquia; information sessions on graduate school preparation) and required to attend a minimum number of such experiences (e.g., 3 per semester)
  • Scholar students can meet with the program coordinator and a relevant faculty member before each registration period to review their planned course of study
  • Scholar students will be offered the opportunity to serve as “undergraduate tutors” during their senior year
  • Scholar students will be encouraged to present authored posters and talks at professional conventions.  The department or Office of Undergraduate Education will do their best to provide funding to support travel to conferences
  • All students who successfully complete the program of study with a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their Psychology courses, and completed the 495/496  sequence will graduate with “Honors in Psychology.”