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Seedleaf and the Center for Community Outreach Highlights Campaign

Keeneland Hall Lobby
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Laura Greenfield

Come hear Laura Greenfield, Wired Peer Mentor, and Director of Promotions for UK's Center for Community Outreach talk about Seedleaf and the Center for Community Outreach's Highlights Campaign.  Laura says:

"I am the director of promotions in the Center for Community Outreach and something we are working on this spring is a Highlight Campaign with the Lexington community garden organization, Seedleaf. The aim of the campaign is to help increase Seedleaf's on-campus presence by hosting talks that will share information about food insecurity in Lexington, what Seedleaf is and what they're doing to combat food insecurity, and how students can get involved! Seedleaf's gardens are less than a mile from campus and, with spring hopefully on the way soon, I can't wait for UK students to hear about all these great opportunities for community outreach and involvement."





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