Madison Young

Madison Young

Political Science Senior

by Lisa L. Beeler

Madison Lee Young, a junior in political science, bled blue before she even moved to UK from Ft. Lauderdale, FL her freshman year of college. Her father played football at UK from 1977 - 1981. He shared a dorm with UK’s current assistant football coach, Chuck Smith. Young was bred to love UK. “When I was born, I didn’t have a normal mobile over my crib. Instead, my mobile was made of tiny UK wildcats,” said Young.

Young is currently studying for the law school entrance exam and will be applying to law schools soon. She was recently invited to take part in an internship in Washington, D.C. this summer at The Washington Center. She will be interning at America’s Most Wanted in Washington, D.C..

Young graduated from the Citizens’ Police Academy last year and it sparked her interests in working with the government. Young solidified her decision to work with the government here at UK through her participation in the Student Government Association. Young is part of the Executive Cabinet of University Relations. She works on resolutions and policies. Currently, she is working on obtaining funds for a student memorial for students who have died on campus and she is also pushing the funding for the installation of universal clocks all over campus.

She ran for SGA Senator of Arts & Sciences last year, but lost by only 13 votes. Although she didn’t win, she realizes what a fantastic experience it was. “My platform was based on the idea that to work for SGA, you must have deep-rooted ties to the university and never stop reaching out to the students for their opinions. I have this,” said Young.

Young has come a long way since her first UK game with her father as a child. “I can remember seeing the wildcat paws leading to the stadium when I would come to the games with my parents. Then, when people would ask where I wanted to go to college…I would say that I wanted to go to the college that has the wildcat paws,” said Young. Young is now at the school she dreamed of as a child. Young is literally living her dream and has her parents to thank for instilling in her a drive for success and a love for UK.