Picture Name Contact
manglin's picture
Associate Professor
216 Lafferty Hall
859 257-1051
sasikumar's picture
Post-Doctoral Scholar, Appalachian Center
641 S. Limestone
(859) 257-4852
Chris Barton's picture
Director, UK Appalachian Center, Professor of Watershed Management
barton's picture
624 Maxwelton Court
jsba224's picture
Appalachian Center Program Coordinator
624 Maxwelton Court
(859) 257-3948
SEBE223's picture
Associate Professor of Sociology, Core Faculty, Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program
Environmental Justice, Gender & Women's Studies, Social Movements, Energy & Society, climate change, Environmental Sociology
1567 Patterson Office Tower
billing's picture
Professor of Sociology
Social inequality, Appalachian and regional studies, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Religion, Rural Poverty
1577 Patterson Office Tower
brunn's picture
the impacts of megaengineering projects, the changing world religion map, urban globalization in cyberworlds
805A Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6947
lcl222's picture
Doctoral Candidate, Department of Anthropology
Prescription drug misuse, HIV/STI, Appalachia, medical anthropology, women's health
TLCL223's picture
Ph.D. Candidate, Cultural Anthropology
Women’s Studies, Appalachian Studies, ecofeminism, sustainability, grassroots organizing and activism, Community development, filmmaking, Latin American Studies, media literacy, popular education, community theater, counterstorytelling
(859) 379-8261
jsfrie0's picture
Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Co-Director, Linguistics Incubator for Collaborative Digital (LINCD) Research
Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Language in Kentucky, Phonetics, Appalachian Englishes
1371 Patterson Office Tower
acros3's picture
Director, Institute for Rural Journalism & Community Issues
144 Grehan Building
(859) 257-3744
adreum2's picture
Associate Extension Professor, Agricultural Economics
411 Barnhart Building
(859) 257-7260
cpd159's picture
Director, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation
144B Taylor Education Building
eller's picture
Professor, Emeritus
Appalachian history; public policy and economic development
ksen223's picture
1505 Patterson Office Tower
mlbeal0's picture
Assistant Professor
20th century US history, women's history, Appalachian history, history of medicine
1741 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-3675
migu222's picture
Assistant Professor
Environmental Photochemistry, Interfacial oxidations, Environmental monitoring, Prebiotic chemistry, Photocatalytic CO2 reduction, Environmental Chemistry
150 Chemistry-Physics Building
ejhahn00's picture
Nursing Instruction
519 Nursing Building
(859) 257-2358
rharris's picture
Associate Professor, Community & Leadership Development
705 Garrigus Bldg.
(859) 257-7584


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