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About the Appalachian Center / DEIAB / Accessibility & Accommodations

Accessibility & Accommodations

We value everyone being able to participate in UK Appalachian Center and Appalachian Studies events and initiatives. We are working to make the Appalachian Center as accessible as possible and are happy to work with participants in our events to best meet access needs. 

The Appalachian Center deeply values the privacy and safety of our guests. We do our best to implement universal design practices, such as having common trigger/content warnings and working to reduce usage of flashing lights and sudden noises in our events.  We also work to ask for permission for any photographs or recordings of individuals during Appalachian Center events.

Furthermore, we also are enthusiastic to consult with people to provide additional accommodations to meet everyone’s needs and enable all attendees to participate to the best of their abilities.

Some common accommodations that we can provide upon request include (but are not limited to):

  • ASL interpretation or translation into another (spoken or signed) language
  • Remote/hybrid access to events
  • Relocation of events from Appalachian Center Annex (currently has step to entrance)
  • Accommodations and/or flexibility for religious observances
  • Trigger or content warnings
  • Early access to presentation slides or an outline of material covered, if possible
  • Captioning, CART, or audio transcription services
  • Audio amplification and use of personal FM services
  • Large-font print outs
  • Audiovisual descriptions
  • Accommodating specific dietary needs
  • Accommodations for smell sensitivities, allergens, and migraine triggers
  • Private areas in the Appalachian Center for nursing, prayer, sensory needs, etc.
  • Assistance connecting to funding, transportation, childcare, and other potential resources to enable participation

For specific accessibility requests or concerns, please email Department Manager Shannon Markel at, or call at 859-257-4852. Please also let us know if there are any other ways in which we can promote inclusion and accessibility at the Appalachian Center. 

Accessing the Appalachian Center

The Appalachian Center is located at 624 Maxwelton Ct. and the Appalachian Center Annex is next door at 641 South Limestone. The nearest bus stops are Lextran stop 1606 at the College of Law (Blue Route) and stop 805 at Prall St. (White Route). There is parking available between the Appalachian Center and the Appalachian Center Annex and around back behind the Appalachian Center. If you intend to park at the Appalachian Center, please check in with Department Manager Shannon Markel (, 859-257-4852) so we know whose car it is and we can get you a hang tag for your car.  

The Appalachian Center front entrance on Maxwelton has steps, but there is a ramped entrance around back for those who need it. If you are entering through the back, you will need to ring the doorbell to enter. There is a step at the entrance of the Appalachian Center Annex.

We at the Appalachian Center understand that finding childcare can be difficult and are actively working to make it a welcoming place for guests of all ages. For example, we have a box of toys, crafts, and coloring supplies for our younger guests (and anyone who may benefit from them).

We have single stall gender-neutral bathrooms in both the Appalachian Center and the Appalachian Center Annex, but they are unfortunately narrow and not ADA-compliant at this time. The nearest accessible bathrooms are across South Limestone at the Rosenberg College of Law Building.

Accommodations Around Campus

Our faculty work to accommodate students’ access needs in Appalachian Studies courses, and we do our best to work with students when accommodations are requested. However, we encourage students with documented disabilities (or other health conditions that impact schoolwork) to seek official accommodations with the Disability Resource Center (DRC), so we can ensure that students are getting the support they need. Students can register with the DRC at The Disability Resource Center and the Human Development Institute also have additional information relating to accommodations and disability throughout the University.


Disability Resource Center: 

Human Development Institute: 

Martin Luther King Center: 

LGBTQ* Resources: 

A&S Inclusive Excellence: 

Office for Institutional Diversity: 

[Map of the Appalachian Center. There is an ADA-compliant ramped entrance around the back of the main building. Please ring doorbell to enter through the back entrance]

[Map of the Appalachian Center. There is an ADA-compliant ramped entrance around the back of the main building. Please ring doorbell to enter through the back entrance]