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Academics / Undergraduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies


The undergraduate certificate is an interdisciplinary program for students to understand Appalachia, particularly Appalachian Kentucky, in historical, social, economic, environmental, and comparative context. Students earning this certificate will acquire knowledge and skills that will contribute to versatile careers and engagement with the Appalachian region. This certificate of study is flexible, can be tailored to match a variety of interests and needs, and is relevant to all majors and career interests. This option is available to students who are currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky as well as students who have already completed a four-year degree.


Successful completion of the undergraduate certificate requires the following:

  • APP 200: Introduction to Appalachian Studies
  • A 2.0 GPA within the Appalachian Studies Certificate courses

  • All coursework in the Certificate at the 200+ level (12 hours)

  • At least 6 hours of Certificate coursework at the 300+ level

  • Engagement experience

  • Capstone project

  • Courses from at least two different colleges

  • Planning course of study under guidance of the Appalachian Studies Director

Note: Practical application of knowledge and skills through an engagement requirement may be fulfilled through a non-credit or for-credit experience. Students must also complete a capstone project either through APP 399: Appalachian Studies Practicum or through a course approved by the Appalachian Studies Program Director.

Remaining courses may be chosen from the Appalachia-related course listings publicized on the Appalachian Studies website each semester or a student may propose alternate courses, including independent study courses, for approval by the Director of Appalachian Studies. Such course proposals should include a rationale that explains why the course is relevant to Appalachian Studies.

Sample Curriculum:

  1. APP 200: Introduction to Appalachian Studies
    APP 399: Practicum – Appalachian Resource Sustainability (1 hour)
    SOC 360: Environmental Sociology
    CLD 340: Community Interaction
    ANT 536: Global Appalachia
    Engagement credit fulfilled by APP 399; capstone fulfilled by paper for Global Appalachia comparing conversations about sustainable futures in Appalachia and a mountain region in another nation.
  2. APP 200: Introduction to Appalachian Studies

    MUS 301: Appalachian Music

    ENG 482G: Affrilachian Literature

    HIS 580: History of Appalachia

    Engagement credit fulfilled by working at a summer arts camp in an Appalachian county; capstone fulfilled by a paper for HIS 580 on cultural diversity in early 20th century coal camps in relation to late 20th century Appalachian literary movements.

To Declare an Undergraduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies:

  1. Please contact Prof. Ann Kingsolver (, Appalachian Studies Program Director or Dr. Kathryn Engle (, Appalachian Center Director.
  2. We will schedule a meeting to discuss the certificate, requirements and any questions you may have.
  3. After meeting you can declare the minor/certificate via myUK. 


Undergraduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies Information Sheet