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Spring 2021 Featured App-Course Offerings

Spring 2021

APP 200-001: Introduction to Appalachian Studies (Hybrid)

Jan 26-May 13- Alisha Mays

TR 2-3:15

APP 200 Catalog Description

A multidisciplinary introduction to Appalachian culture, history and society. Examines how Appalachia came to be viewed as a distinct region; looks at its place in American life.

APP 300-001/HIS 351-006: "Appalachian Spirits: The History and Place of Moonshine in Appalachia’s Culture and Economy"
3 Credit Hours
Time: 11:00-12:15
Instructor: Carson Benn
APP 300 Course Description 
The image of moonshine remains indelibly linked to people of the Appalachian region, and Americans have maintained this cultural fascination with illicit spirits and Appalachian people ever since white settlers first inhabited the mountains. Various types of moonshine are produced and enjoyed all over the world, but in this course we will ask: why is moonshine such an Appalachian thing? We will span the region’s history and see how moonshine production has ebbed and flowed at times throughout United States’ history, observing also how the XXX bottle has veered between our ideas of virtue and vice across generations. In more recent times the culture of moonshine has been sold as a potential savior for the region’s economy, as businesses believe that the craft spirits boom can draw thirsty tourists to the mountains in droves. Will it pay off? Alcohol has been produced for hundreds of years in the mountains, but we must ask how this humble craft will affect the region through the twenty-first century.

APP 399-001: "Environment & Health in Appalachia"

3 Credit Hours (Pass/Fail)- Hybrid–Kathryn Engle

APP 399-001 Course Description

A field-, community-based, practical or applied educational experience supervised by an Appalachian Studies Program faculty affiliate.  APP 399 is pass/fail. 


This partial term practicum course will be centered around the theme “Environment & Health in Appalachia.” During this course, students will engage with a variety of readings and activities relating to environmental inequalities and health disparities in Appalachia. Students will also participate in a creek cleanup and water testing project in the Stinking Creek watershed of Knox County. Students will learn skills in water sampling and will participate in a creek cleanup on March 20th through the Lend-A-Hand Center. Students will also attend the virtual Appalachian Studies Association Conference to be held March 11-14. This course will provide hands-on learning experiences for students to conduct community-based research and pursue individual interests relating to health and environment in the region. 
Partial Term: Monday March 8th -Friday April 2nd (4 weeks)
Meetings/Location: Hybrid course- materials and activities will be made available online & 1-2 synchronous class meetings will be held each week which will be determined based on students’ availability. Students will be expected to attend the creek cleanup (pending the approval to do so—safety precautions will be enforced) and should block off their calendar for March 19-21. Students may have the opportunity to stay overnight at the Lend-A-Hand Center. Students should also plan to spend quite a few hours March 11-14 attending the virtual ASA Conference,  so please don’t schedule work or major activities during these times. 
Prereq.: APP 200 or consent of instructor
Special note: Students may need to provide their own transportation to Stinking Creek (2 hours from Lexington) (If students don’t have their own transportation we will provide transportation- but transporting yourself will be an option). Students may also have the opportunity to stay overnight at the Lend-A-Hand Center. 
Enrollment: This is a controlled enrollment course. If you would like to add this course, please contact Dr. Kathryn Engle (

APP 395: Independent Study

1-6 Credit Hours - Lecture TBD-Location TBD– Instructor TBD

APP 395 Catalog Description

Independent Study of special topic under the supervision of Appalachian Studies-affiliated faculty. Students must identify both a topic for this project as well as a faculty mentor who has agreed to supervise this project. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits.

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Please note: Students may petition the Director of Appalachian Studies, Dr. Kathryn Engle, on individualized curriculum plans to fulfill the Appalachian Studies Minor or Undergraduate Certificate Requirements.

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