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For Partner Sites

Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and community organizations interested in hosting a UK student through the AppalachiaCorps program may submit an Internship Site Application to the AppalachiaCorps team. The team will then share the internship with students who have expressed interest in the program. We cannot guarantee placements but can share information about your organization.

Internship sites will work with the potential student intern to complete and submit a signed Position Agreement.

Partner sites should complete the Partner Site Memorandum of Understanding before students begin work. This document is important for the AppalachiaCorps team to have on file as students continue to work with you and your organization through the summer term.  Please review the document and fill in the PDF, as appropriate and send to the AppalachiaCorps team  (Kathryn Engle).

Timesheet process

To begin the weekly email timesheet process, your AppalachiaCorps student intern will fill in the email timesheet template and send it to the AppalachiaCorps team (Todd Stoltzfus and Kathryn Engle) and you as the internship supervisor. After reviewing the email timesheet you have received, please reply all and approve the hours submitted. Stating "I approve" is perfect.  This email timesheet allows for the AppalachiaCorps team, at UK, to comfortably sign off on the hours students have submitted on their online timesheet. Since we do not see the student working everyday, the email timesheet offers us some clarification on what activities they have been completing. Feel free to contact the AppalachiaCorps team if you have any questions.


Partner sites should complete the AppalachiaCorps Community Partner Intern Eval Survey by August 18, 2023.