Minor in Appalachian Studies

To declare a minor in Appalachian Studies:

  1. Click the Declaration of Minor Form for a Minor in Appalachian Studies (PDF)
  2. Fill out the form and obtain the signature / approval of the Director of Appalachian Studies
  3. Take the form to the College of your primary major (see the back of the Declaration of Minor Form)
  4. Go to GPS (Graduate Planning System) to determine your progress in the Certificate


This minor offers students with a serious interest in Appalachian regional studies an opportunity to pursue a minor concentration to complement a major in one of the university professional or liberal arts programs. This interdisciplinary program enables students to comprehend more fully the history, health, social structure, environment and culture of the region – its people, its challenges and its future.

The Appalachian Studies Minor requires 18 hours of coursework to include the following:

  1. APP 200: Introduction to Appalachian Studies
  2. Choose 15 hours of Appalachian Studies courses. These courses must be chosen from the list below or current courses listed on the website as approved by the Director of Appalachian Studies:
  • ANT / SOC 534: Sociology of Appalachia
  • APP 300: Special Topics in Appalachian Studies
  • APP 395: Independent Study
  • APP 399: Practicum
  • CLD 340: Community Interaction
  • GEO 365: Special Topics in Regional Geography
  • ENG 482G: Affrilachian Literature
  • HIS 579: History of the New South
  • HIS 580: History of Appalachia
  • MUS 301: Appalachian Music
  • PS 343: Political Sociology (if appropriate)
  • PS 456G: Appalachian Politics
  • SOC 360: Environmental Sociology
  • SOC 735: Topics in Social Inequalities (if appropriate)

Note: Introduction to Appalachian Studies (APP 200) is strongly recommended. Independent studies courses and experiential education may be counted toward the Minor with the approval of the Director of Appalachian Studies. Special topics courses offered by a variety of departments may count, if appropriate and approved by the Director of Appalachian Studies.


Dr. Kathryn Engle
Associate Director 
UK Appalachian Center & Appalachian Studies Program
624 Maxwelton Ct


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