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Edward Lo

Research Interests:
Modern sedimentary processes
Quaternary studies
tropical wetlands

MS Geology, University of Kentucky (2017)

BS Geology, Louisiana State University and A&M College (2013)


Edward is from Acworth, GA and attended Louisiana State University for his BS in environmental geology before coming to UK for his graduate studies. He was originally a biochemistry major but switched to geoscience after discovering the excitement of studying landscape evolution. Some of the notable places he has visited for geological work are Big Bend National Park, Mammoth Cave National Park, Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, and the Pantanal Matogrossense National Park (Brazil). For his MS degree and now his PhD, his research is focused on understanding sedimentary processes in the world's largest wetland and the impacts of these processes on ecosystem services. His research interests are broadly in sedimentology, wetlands, and geomorphology in the tropics.

Graduate Training

PhD in progress at UK with support of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Anticipated completion in August 2023.

Selected Publications:

Lo, E.L., McGlue, M.M., Matocha, C.J., Silva, A., Rasbold, G.G., Kuerten, S., Louzada, R.O., & Haller, K.C. Pantanal Basin river muds from source to sink: compositional changes in a tropical back-bulge depozone. American Journal of Science, in preparation.

Lo, E.L., Silva, A., Kuerten, S., Louzada, R.O., Rasbold, G.G., & McGlue, M.M. Source-to-sink controls on modern fluvial sands in the Pantanal back-bulge basin (Brazil). Sedimentologika, in review.

Lo, E.L., Yeager, K.M., Bergier, I., Domingos-Luz, L., Silva, A., & McGlue, M.M. Sediment infill of tropical floodplain lakes: rates, controls, and implications for ecosystem services. Frontiers in Earth Science 10: 1-14 (2022).

Lo, E.L., McGlue, M.M., Silva, A., Bergier, I., Yeager, K.M., Macedo, H.A., Swallom, M. & Assine, M.L. Fluvio-lacustrine sedimentary processes and landforms on the distal Paraguay fluvial megafan (Brazil). Geomorphology 342: 163-175 (2019).

Lo, E.L., Silva, A., Bergier, I., McGlue, M.M., Silva, B.L.P., Silva, A.P.S., Pereira, L.E., Macedo, H.A., Assine, M.L. & Silva, E.R.S. Spatiotemporal evolution of the margins of Lake Uberaba, Pantanal floodplain (Brazil). Geografia 42 (3): 159-173 (2017).

Lo, E.L., Bentley, S.J. & Xu, K. Experimental study of cohesive sediment consolidation and resuspension identifies approaches for coastal restoration: Lake Lery, Louisiana. Geo-Mar. Lett. 34 (6): 499-509 (2014).