Marcelo Guzman

Research Interests:

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology 2002-2006
Postdoctoral Fellow - Harvard University 2007-2010


Marcelo I. Guzman is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and the Principal Investigator of the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory at the University of Kentucky, where he teaches analytical and environmental chemistry courses. In 2013, he received a NSF CAREER award. He earned his Ph.D. at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech, 2007) working on ice chemistry with Michael R. Hoffmann. In 2002, he was an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) working on Paper and Photograph Conservation in the Sherman Fairchild Center. For his postdoctoral experience he joined the Origins of Life Initiative at Harvard University as an Origins Fellow working with Scot T. Martin.

Honors and Awards
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Mentoring Award 2020.
  • Top Reviewer in the Global Peer Review Award (Web of Science). Top 1% in cross-field of reviewers in Publons between 9/1/2018 and 9/1/2019.
  • ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry Certificate of Appreciation for 15 years of service, 2019.
  • Appointed to the Photochemistry Section of the Editorial Board of Molecules 2019.
  • Appointed to the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) 2019.
  • NSF CAREER Award 2013–2018.
  • Selected for the NSF/NASA RCN Origins Meeting at the Santa Fe Institute 2018.
  • Awarded an A&S international scholar program grant 2018–2019.
  • Awarded an ISARRA grant for the 2018 Conference.
  • Appointed to the Editorial Board of Environments 2018.
  • Awarded an International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Grant by the Surface Ocean Lower Atmospheric Study (SOLAS) International Project for the Cryosphere and Atmospheric Chemistry (CATCH) Workshop 2017.
  • Appointed to the Editorial Board of Atmosphere 2016.
  • ACS Young Academic Investigators Awardee in Organic Chemistry 2016.
  • College Research Activity Award for the Goldschmidt Conference 2013.
  • ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry Certificate of Merit for 10 years of service, 2014.
  • College Research Activity Award for the Goldschmidt Conference 2011.
  • Harvard Origins of Life Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2007–2010.
  • ISSOL award to young scientists 2008.
  • Young scientist best poster award. Gordon Research Conference: Origin of Life 2008.
  • Vito Vanoni Caltech Institute Fellowship 2002 – 2003.
  • Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 2002.
  • Research Council Fellowship, National University of Tucuman 1999–2001.
  • Honors medal to the best Chemistry Graduate from the National University system, class of 2000. Awarded by the Argentine Chemical Society.

The Guzman group studies processes occurring in environmental interfaces and is interested in research problems of interdisciplinary scope. We are currently investigating photooxidative reactions of organic molecules of environmental relevance to understand the processing of pollutants "on the surface of" and "in" atmospheric aerosols, clouds, and fogs. Some of our recent accomplishments include to have provided comprehensive photochemical and heterogeneous oxidation reaction mechanisms for the processing of dissolved organic matter molecular probes "in" and "on the surface of" aqueous aerosol mimics. The laboratory applies soft ionization methods such as online electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (OESI-MS), multiple chromatographic separations, one and two dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance, and various spectroscopies to contrast the fast oxidation of biomass burning and combustion emissions at the air-water interface versus the air-solid interface. One of our latest environmental chemistry developments is the creation of integrated unmanned aerial systems for environmental monitoring of trace gases. We are also interested on the potential use of photocatalysis for fuel production and to jumpstart a prebiotic chemical cycle related to the origin of life. Because past work has focused on the study of reactions in ice matrices, the laboratory is also experienced in ice chemistry. Learn more about our work at the group website:

Graduate Training

Physical and Environmental Organic Chemistry

Positions Available
Prof. Guzman is currently recruiting Ph.D. graduate students to work in applied chemistry research for the Fall 2020 admission. Atmospheric chemistry, water treatment, energy production, and astrobiology, are topics of special interest but other research problems may be considered. Funded research projects to support Research Assistanships for Ph.D. students are available for qualified candidates. For these reasons, we are searching for inspired and self-motivated graduate students interested in joining the lab. If you are a prospective student for the incoming 2020 class, please forward an application letter, a list of three references and CV to Professor Marcelo I. Guzman (marcelo dot guzman at uky dot edu; Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0055). The cover letter should include a statement of your previous research experience, state your goal, and explain why our lab is going to help you to accomplish it.
If you are currently a graduate student of the 2019 class at UK or an undergraduate interested in registering for CHE 395, feel free to send me an email to schedule a meeting so we can talk about the exciting projects in the lab.
Recent News

Photochemistry research from the lab is highlighted by two ACS journals on July 16, 2020: J. Phys. Chem. and ACS Earth & Space Chem.

Checkout our last press release at Phys.Org. More recent news are available through this link.

Selected Publications: 
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