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Appalachian Center Affiliation Faculty Directory

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Associate Professor of Sociology
Agrarian Studies, Environmental Justice, Social Action, Social Theory, Rural Politics, political economy
1539 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
1567 Patterson Office Tower
214 T.P. Cooper Bldg.
(859)-619-1532, (859) 257-2099
218 E. Maxwell Street
Department Chair
Editor, Linguistic Atlas Project
1675 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Environmental Rhetoric, Climate Change Communication, Disability Studies, Feminist Ethics, Technical Communication, Rhetoric of Science, science communication
1351 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1115
Director, John Jacob Niles Center for American Music
John Jacob Niles Center, Little Fine Arts Library
Department of Linguistics
Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Language in Kentucky, Phonetics, Appalachian Englishes
1677 Patterson Office Tower
Director, Institute for Rural Journalism & Community Issues
217 Blazer Dining
(859) 257-3744
No photograph available for adreum2
Associate Extension Professor, Agricultural Economics
411 Barnhart Building
(859) 257-7260
Director of Undergraduate Studies
20th century US history, Appalachian history, gender, healthcare
1741 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-3675
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry
Mass spectrometry, Photocatalysis, Chromatography, Photochemistry, Prebiotic chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental monitoring
105 Chemistry-Physics Building
Nursing Instruction
519 Nursing Building
(859) 257-2358
No photograph available for rharris
Associate Professor, Community & Leadership Development
705 Garrigus Bldg.
(859) 257-7584
Senior Lecturer, Lewis Honors College
Writing and Translation, Documentary Studies, Publishing, Literary Globalization and Regionalization
Lewis Hall 122A
No photograph available for jjensen
Associate Professor, Educational Policy Studies and Evaluation
131 Taylor Education Bldg.
(859) 257-1929
No photograph available for scave2
405B Nursing Bldg.
(859) 323-0603
Professor of Anthropology
Director, Appalachian Studies Program
globalization, critiques of racial capitalism, interpretations of place and identity, Anthropology of Work, transnational collaborations, university-community knowledge equity
Appalachian Center, 624 Maxwelton Ct., Rm. 202
Lecturer, Affiliate faculty member in Anthropology and Appalachian Studies, UK Lewis Honors College
Administrator, Coal Camp Documentary Project
Lewis Hall 126B
Senior Lecturer
629 Patterson Office Tower
Professor, Department of Gender and Women's Studies
Professor, Department of English
Affiliate faculty, American Studies Program, and Appalachian Studies
University Research Professor
20th-century American culture and literature, critical studies of whiteness, race and reproduction, theories of gender and sexuality, Right-Wing Movements
213 Breckinridge Hall
Assistant Professor
Alternative food movements, Sustainable Agriculture, Black geographies, race and racism, spirituality and religion
853 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Sociology
medical sociology, Health Disparities and Health Equity, sleep, mixed methods, gender and ethnic identity; social inequalities; domestic violence; Appalachian studies; identity reconstruction, Alcohol Use Disorders
1527 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Appalachian history, the U.S. South, Environmental History
1727 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1014
233 Mining and Minerals Bldg
No photograph available for steven.price
208A Thomas Poe Cooper Bldg.
Assistant Professor, Interiors
117 Pence Hall
Non-Fiction Writing, Creative Writing
1231 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor, Community and Leadership Development
713 W.P. Garrigus Building
(859) 257-5056
Professor of Geography
Cultural and historical geography, US Urban Landscapes, Land and Property, Race, Racialization, Racism, Methodology (archives, Landscape as method)
877 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-2119
Professor of Behavioral Science
125 College of Medicine Office Bldg.
(859) 323-8175
Associate Professor of Sociology
Phased retirement, 2020-2023
Appalachian Studies, Social Inequality and Stratification, Social Movements, Community and economic development
1557 Patterson Office Tower
Lecturer, Lewis Honors College
U124 Lewis Hall
No photograph available for cstamper
Extension Field Programs
130 Robinson Road, Jackson, KY
(859) 351-7510
Professor, Gender and Women's Studies
211 Breckinridge Hall
(859) 257-7976
Associate Professor
N-122T Agricultural Science Center
No photograph available for eushe2
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, Research Director, P20 Motivation and Learning Lab
249 Dickey Hall
Associate Professor
H164 Chandler Hospital
Poetry and Poetics, Fiction, African American Cinema, Affrilachia, Diversity in Comics and Graphic Novels, Playwriting and Black Theater, Creative Writing
1237 Patterson Office Tower
Creative Writing, Non-Fiction Writing
1229 Patterson Office Tower
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