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Appalachian Center Projects


Current Programs & Initiatives

Appalachian Forum

The Appalachian Forum series showcases community-based and university-based speakers from around the region.

Conversations with Gurney Series

The Conversations with Gurney Series features writers and creatives from around the region in conversation with Gurney Norman, Appalachian Center Scholar-In-Residence. 

Sharing Work on Appalachia in Progress (SWAP)

Student presentations from James S. Brown Graduate Student Award for Research on Appalachia and the UK Appalachian Center Eller & Billings Student Research Award recipients.

Racial and Environmental Justice in Appalachia

The Appalachian Center is collaborating on several projects and events relating to race and the environment in the region.

Holler Back Podcast

The Holler Back Podcast is by Appalachian Studies students Stacie Fugate and Michael Hamilton.

AppalachiaCorps Internship Program

The AppalachiaCorps Internship Program seeks to pair UK students with community-based organizations throughout the region.

UK Appalachian Center Oral History Project

The UK Appalachian Center Oral History Project documents the history and legacy of the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center & Appalachian Studies Program, through interviews with faculty, staff, students, and others associated with the Center.

The Coal Camp Documentary Project is an ongoing collaboration between the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center and community members to map and document historic company coal mining towns in eastern Kentucky.

Appalachian Land Study

In the late 1970s the Appalachian Land Ownership Task Force studied and documented land ownership and use throughout the Appalachian region, culminating in the publication of data for 80 counties and the 1983 book Who Owns Appalachia?: Land Ownership and Its Impact published by the University Press of Kentucky. Around 2016 the Appalachian Land Study Working Group formed. Made up of academics, students, activists, and community members in several states, the group is currently working on a new study of Appalachian land and mineral ownership, use, and taxation. This multifaceted project involves participatory research and academic-community partnerships.  


Appalnet is a LISTSERV hosted by the University of Kentucky and operated by volunteers. For more information and to subscribe click here.


Past Programs & Initiatives

Fall 2012 International Conference, "Global Mountain Regions: Contributions and Challenges"

In Fall 2012, the Appalachian Center hosted an international conference called Global Mountain Regions: Contributions and Challenges.

ASA 2020

Since March of 2020, the Appalachian Studies Association has been working to recover from the sudden cancellation of our conference in Lexington, Kentucky.

Post Office Project

Because the proposed closing of post offices in Kentucky inordinately affects rural Appalachian areas, we will be engaged in a year-long participatory research project documenting the role of post offices in Appalachian communities. We invite K-12 teachers, librarians, historical societies, nursing homes, artists, college classes and others to collaborate with us on a theater production and documentary film that will circulate through Appalachian schools and libraries next year. If you are interested in contributing to that collective documentary project, please contact 859-257-4852.

UK Tomorrow Corps

So the idea for UK Tomorrow Corps was born, tackling both issues of respite care and education enrichment. Eventually it expanded beyond the idea of aiding grandparent caregivers to support many types of families and students across Appalachia.