U.S. Post Office Closings

A list of post offices that have been closed or are currently being closed listed by state. Most of the post offices listed are linked to news stories involving the closing of that particular branch. (Note: List is incomplete and only offers most recent developments.)


Expanded Access study list

United States Postal Service

An official list of all post offices that have been closed or are in the process of being closed. More complete and clear than U.S. Post Office Closings (above), but lacks links to news articles.


U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission Press Releases

U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission

A comprehensive list of official press statements released by the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). The press releases deal with all news relating to the PRC including (but not limited to) policy changes and funding decisions. All press releases are available for download as a PDF file.


Postal cutbacks hurt rural outposts the most

Meghan Hoyer, USA TODAY

The author examines a USA TODAY analysis that shows a startling portion of the post offices receiving cuts in hours of operation are located in rural areas, especially Appalachia. Larger cities are not even affected by the cuts whereas the largest cutbacks happen almost exclusively in Appalachia and other rural centers.


Industry Report: U.S. Postal Service

Economic Modeling Specialist Intl.

An in depth data analysis of the United States Postal Service’s recent decline despite the relative success of other government civilian jobs. The analysis is done in an attempt to understand how rapidly the decline is taking place as well as offer possible insight as to why. While the report does not offer a solution to the decline of the postal system, it does however offer a few options for the progression of the decline.


Save the Post Office

A blog-style defense of American post offices. Complete with all the latest news involving post offices and the postal service as well as related videos, surveys, and resources for getting involved both locally and nationally. See also within Save the Post Office:


More Than Mail – Rural Post Service Threatened

WMMT 88.7 Mountain Community Radio

Centered in Whitesburg, Kentucky, Mountain Community Radio features special reports on topics of interest in Appalachia. The story of the pending mass post office closings is reported by Sylvia Ryerson and Mimi Pickering in this sound bite.


Post office in Bethlehem, Ky., a popular place in December

Jack Brammer,

This article demonstrates how significant a rural post office can be. The Bethlehem, KY post office (which services a town with a population of about 100) has become a Christmas card send out spot for many families. The postmark bearing the name of the birthplace of Christ has attracted attention from all around the world.


Fate of Postal Service Awaits Action in House

Ron Nixon, New York Times

The initial report on the legislation that is currently preparing to shut down so many post offices in rural communities all over America. The article gives specifics for the bill as it went to the House of Representatives for consideration along with giving multiple perspectives on the issue.


Do We Really Want to Live Without the Post Office?

Jesse Lichtenstein, Esquire

A strong argument for maintaining the postal system. The article provides an in-depth description of the actual process by which mail is shipped while arguing that the postal service only loses money because of Congressional mandates to do so.


Endangered rural post offices get a reprieve

NBC News

Article detailing the revised plans of the U.S. Postal Service to attempt to keep as many post offices open while merely reducing hours of operation. While this is not the most desirable outcome, it shows much progress on the part of those speaking out against the destruction of the rural infrastructure.


Post Office Hour Reductions, Called a ‘Win-Win,’ Feel More Like a Lose-Lose

Josh Sanburn, Time Business & Money

This article further chronicles the hours of operation reductions. Explains why many are still upset with the outcome and suggests that the USPS is simply prolonging the closure of these post offices, perhaps wishing to upset less people by easing into the change.


Keep rural post offices open, but cut employee hours and benefits, USPS says

Amanda Palleschi, Government Executive

A more objective approach to the detailing of the newer plan of the USPS. The article provides a vast supply of specific information. Highlights the postal service’s efforts to ease into the transition via various methods such as working with affected employees to seek other jobs within the postal service.


Appalachian Regional Commission Official Website

The Appalachian Regional Commission is a government agency established in 1965 for the purpose of sustaining community and economic development in Appalachia. The commission focuses on attaining grants and providing aid and support for various vital resources in Appalachia such as technology, business development, and access to healthcare. The website is a great resource for various information and statistical data on the region.


The Art Of The Rural

This article is an analysis of the rural post office. It discusses the fact that a post office is often the identity of a small town. It is a social hub, a source of information, a connection to the outside world. Post offices are one of the most valuable landmarks in rural communities.









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