About the Center

Mission: The University of Kentucky Appalachian Center emphasizes community-university partnerships in shaping research that is useful in and beyond the region, in keeping with the land grant mission of the University. Our role is to facilitate stronger connections between student and faculty researchers from across all colleges at the University of Kentucky whose teaching, research, learning and outreach includes a focus on Appalachia. We also work to strengthen relationships between colleges and universities in the Appalachian region, and between communities in the 54 Appalachian counties of Kentucky and university partners in collaborative projects documenting and addressing the region’s particular contributions and challenges in a global context.

People: The staff of the Appalachian Center includes 
Ann Kingsolver, Director (ann.kingsolver@uky.edu
Erin Norton, Department Manager (erin.norton@uky.edu
Shane Barton, Program Coordinator (shane.barton@uky.edu

We are located on the UK campus at 624 Maxwelton Court (across from the UK Law School) and our phone number is 859-257-4852.

Appalachian Studies: The Appalachian Studies Program, like the Appalachian Center, has an active 35-year history at the University of Kentucky.  It is an interdisciplinary program based in the College of Arts and Sciences with participation by faculty and studies from across the colleges at UK.  Please see the drop-down tabs under Appalachian Studies for a list of current faculty and upcoming courses.

Graduate Appalachian Research Community (GARC): The Graduate Appalachian Research Community is a very active graduate student research network. GARC will be hosting a student conference in the spring, and a lecturer this fall. For more information, contact Tammy Clemons at tammy.clemons@uky.edu.

UK Tomorrow Corps: The UK Tomorrow Corps is an opportunity for students, Campus-wide to work and serve in Appalachia. This program will provide summer employment and support for UK students who will work to tutor K-12 students in the region and with food security initiatives and projects. Please follow this link to the UK Tomorrow Corps Application. The current deadline to apply is November 15, 2014. More information about the program and instructions for the application process are found on the link to the application.

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